Corporate organizations understand the importance of allocating resources to strategic causes, and the Quantum Valley Nation provides a venue for the corporate community to demonstrate their corporate social responsibility by giving back to their community. As a result, we are looking for corporate organizations to join us as Corporate Partners and work together to alleviate global hunger problem.

Do you want to help?

Get your company involved in corporate social responsibility and employee engagement by volunteering at Quantum Valley

     BENEFITS OF PARTNERSHIP WITH Quantum Valley Nation:

  1. 1. We create an opportunity for your organization to exhibit your CSR initiatives with our active social media presence on Instagram, Twitter LinkedIn and Facebook.
    2. In addition to accomplishing your CRS goals, you get the opportunity to collaborate with a team of motivated and compassionate volunteers at QVN that will expedite the process of sending food relief to poor families whilst uncovering potential industry prospects in your field.
    3. Global reach/country presence: We bring additional visibility to your brand’s social responsibility on our social media page to thousands of consumers.
    4. Your company gets to be mentioned in our annual report which is viewed and downloaded by over Ten Millions people globally
    5. We establish an outlet for interested workers in your organization to give their time for humanitarian works and also providing an opportunity for your staff to have an interface with the destitute communities outside the walls of the office setting.
    6. Giving back to your community through QVN will help your organization create deeper relationships with your present customers/clients (and obtain new ones), peers and employees.
    7. By sponsoring QVN, your business is spreading the word about your values and objectives, while also introducing or re-introducing you to customers/clients who are passionate about what we do at QVN or tried your product/services once through QVN.
    8. better aid effectiveness: Through QVN your organization is able to carry out its humanitarian activities with better effectiveness, supporting local communities and addressing malnutrition.
    9. Our nutrition outreaches and warehouse packaging sessions are exciting and creative methods to enhance staff team building and client involvement possibilities. Volunteer engagement with the Food Bank not only can enhance employee morale and teamwork, but also confirms the company’s philanthropic commitment to the community. It can also provide an opportunity to interact with clients/customers in the accomplishment of service for others less fortunate.
    10. As a partner of QVN, you receive the first seat role to access the necessary information on donation utilization, mission, finance, etc. It is a wholesome, accountable, and transparent experience.
    11. Partnering with Quantum Valley Nation gives your organization a chance to make a difference in the society while supporting a great cause.
    12. Partnering with QVN in the long run helps to enhance sales consequently improving turnover through brand loyalty and promotion.
    13. With our local knowledge, proximity to individuals in need and vast experience in product delivery, we help your organization reach the weakest population segments rapidly and effectively.
    14. Because of our extensive grassroots experience, we can assist your group to bring about dramatic social change far more swiftly than you can achieve on your own.