Computer Donations

(SKAT) Tax Deduction

Save the World

Giving a computer, gadget, or tablet is easy and fast. Contact us at +609 030 82 or use our simple Computer Donation form.
Your generous donation is tax-deductible for individuals and corporations.

You can get a tax break if you donate a computer. Companies that donate computers can deduct the amount of money that the computers are still worth. Individuals can deduct how much the computers are worth right now.

You are making a difference by supporting the philanthropic initiatives we run, which in turn supports our communities by providing educational and vocational assets that are greatly needed.

Laptop Donations

Contribute a laptop computer (regardless of brand or age) to Quantum Valley nation today!

Desktop Donations

Donate Desktop Computers – Apple, HP, Dell, Corsair, Acer, Lenovo, IBuyPower, MSI etc.

Server Donations

Donate Server, Clients & Terminals – IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco, Dell Poweredge, HP Proliant, Sun Oracle etc.

Tablet Donations

Tablet Donation – Apple Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo, Asus etc.

Bulk Equipment

Donate your old, unused, or surplus gear and get a tax deduction for its current market value.


Robots, drones, 3D printers, security cameras, virtual reality headsets, machines, and more can be donated.

Donating your old computer, gadget, or tablet


A zero-waste recycling program is one in which our computer donating program takes part. Computers, both new and used, are greatly appreciated. Donating your old computer, gadget, or tablet to a good cause is a tax-deductible gift! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any inquiries.

Our philanthropic computer giving program yields a significant and tangible improvement in the quality of life for numerous individuals worldwide on an annual basis.

The Danish Tax Act.


Provide incentives for businesses and individuals to donate computers to charitable organizations or non-profit institutions. Companies that donate computers, and anyother Office equipment to us can claim a tax deduction, this is done to encourage comapnies to contribute to social and environmental causes. Similarly, individuals who donate computers to us, are also eligible for tax deductions.

Make the World a better place

For you, me and entire generation

Our primary objective is to distribute refurbished computers, generously donated by one of our numerous supporters, to educational institutions, individuals in need, or future learning programs.