Computer Donations

(SKAT) Tax Deduction

Save the World

Giving a computer, gadget, or tablet is easy and fast. Contact us at +609 030 82 or use our simple Computer Donation form.
Your generous donation is tax-deductible for individuals and corporations.

You can get a tax break if you donate a computer. Companies that donate computers can deduct the amount of money that the computers are still worth. Individuals can deduct how much the computers are worth right now.

You are making a difference by supporting the philanthropic initiatives we run, which in turn supports our communities by providing educational and vocational assets that are greatly needed.

Laptop Donations

Contribute a laptop computer (regardless of brand or age) to Quantum Valley nation today!

Desktop Donations

Donate Desktop Computers – Apple, HP, Dell, Corsair, Acer, Lenovo, IBuyPower, MSI etc.

Server Donations

Donate Server, Clients & Terminals – IBM, Fujitsu, Cisco, Dell Poweredge, HP Proliant, Sun Oracle etc.

Tablet Donations

Tablet Donation – Apple Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Microsoft Surface Pro, Lenovo, Asus etc.

Bulk Equipment

Donate your old, unused, or surplus gear and get a tax deduction for its current market value.


Robots, drones, 3D printers, security cameras, virtual reality headsets, machines, and more can be donated.

Donating your old computer, gadget, or tablet


A zero-waste recycling program is one in which our computer donating program takes part. Computers, both new and used, are greatly appreciated. Donating your old computer, gadget, or tablet to a good cause is a tax-deductible gift! Feel free to reach out to us if you have any inquiries.

Our philanthropic computer giving program yields a significant and tangible improvement in the quality of life for numerous individuals worldwide on an annual basis.