Quantum Valley
Our Partners & Donors

Right at Quantum Valley Nation

  1. Right to Information: Contributors are entitled to timely and accurate information regarding the goals, activities, and financial status of the organisation. This includes having access to programme results, financial accounts, yearly reports, and other pertinent information that shows how donations are being used. We will always communicate our actions, objectives, and effects in an open and sincere manner.

  2. Right to Donor Intent: Contributors are entitled to have their money used in ways that best suit their expressed goals. Unless modifications are expressly agreed upon, QVN honours a donor’s designation of a donation for a particular programme or project. We promise to always honour donation limitations and make sure money isn’t taken for unrelated uses without permission.

  3. Right to Privacy: Donors are entitled to the confidentiality of their personal data and the restriction of its use to those for which they have given their consent. We have rules and processes in place at QVN to guard against unauthorised access to or disclosure of donor data. If donors would prefer not to have their gifts acknowledged in public, they can choose to be anonymous.

  4. Right to Reputable Stewardship: Contributors are entitled to the assurance that their funds will be allocated profitably and effectively to the designated charitable objectives. High standards of financial management should be upheld by nonprofit organisations to guarantee that money are distributed sensibly and in accordance with their missions. Additionally, organisations ought to show responsibility by conducting independent audits or assessments and offering regular updates on how donations are impacting the organisation.

  5. The right to know if people repping QVN are volunteers, contracted labourers, or employees of our business.

  6. Right to Express Concerns: Contributors are entitled to express concerns or grievances regarding the methods by which an organisation operates or uses their contributions. At QVN, we do have very good policies in place to deal with donors’ questions and concerns in a timely and open manner. We do offer and uphold open lines of communication as well as a dedication to just and courteous dispute resolution.

  7. The ability to visit the QVN office that is closest to you at any time during business hours.

  8. Right to Gratitude and Acknowledgment: Contributors are entitled to proper gratitude and acknowledgment for their assistance. We always provide donors with meaningful and timely expressions of gratitude, including with receipts or acknowledgments for tax purposes. If the donor so chooses, they can be publicly recognised through donor walls, naming options, or inclusion in yearly reports. Nonetheless, QVN always honours the requests of those who would rather remain anonymous.