On a regular basis, Quantum Valley Nation requires particular items that are essential. These items can encompass perishable or non-perishable food products, along with non-food items. Below is our highly sought-after list of food items:

Food ItemsMedical and Paramedical EquipmentOther Relief items
Please contact us for any other Food, Non-Food, Medical or Paramedical Items you wan to donate that is not listed here on +45 609 030 82
WheatAnti-Malaria drugsBathroom Slippers
Groundnut OilParacetamol syrup M&BRubber Sandals
Macaroni, SpaghettiEye GlassesGently used clothes
Vegetable OilCough LozengesWheel Chair
Tomato Paste (Cartons)Cough syrupSanitary Pads
NoodlesPain killersToilet Rolls