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There are a lot of people out there who are sympathetic and willing to help our cause. However, they are unable to do so for many reasons, such as a lack of knowledge about available volunteer opportunities, long work hours, or a lack of free time.
If that describes you, then you’ve found the ideal spot!

Possibilities for You to Volunteer

From time to time, our day-to-day responsibilities prevent us from acting on our passion for a cause and contributing to its solution. As a cyber advocate for Quantum Valley Nation, you can volunteer online by doing four simple activities if you are facing this predicament.

  • Share our emailers with your loved ones and become a spokesperson for our cause.
  • Share Quantum Valley Nation-related content on your social media accounts and ask your friends and followers to do the same.
  • Share the word about Quantum Valley Nation and the great work our nonprofit does on all the platforms where you regularly participate.
  • Put our screensavers, wallpapers, buttons, and banners to work for you by downloading and using them in your campaigns.

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    One of the best ways to volunteer online these days is by blogging. Therefore, if you are a blogger, you can utilize your platform to spread the news about our cause and share our efforts with the globe. Additionally, you have the option to become a guest blogger and have your blogs included on our website.


    Online Fundraising

    By creating an online fundraising campaign on our website, you can assist us in raising funds for the provision of nourishing midday meals for children.
    Additionally, you can increase the likelihood that researchers will secure the funding necessary to conduct ground-breaking research that will have an enduring impact on society by organizing campaigns in their favor.
    To raise awareness about your campaign, you may choose to share it with your social media connections or with friends and family.

    Social Media

    You can become a social media volunteer for us by engaging in some simple tasks.

    • Follow us on Facebook, like our posts and recommend us to your friends, families and social circles.
    • Tweet and retweet about our work on Twitter and help us attract more contributors to our cause.
    • Subscribe to our YouTube channel, and like, share and comment on our videos.
    • If you have a LinkedIn account, add us to your social circle and help spread the word.

    Suggestions are welcome

    Kindly contact us if you are aware of any further opportunities to contribute to our cause and support our campaigns.